End Game Content

Monster keys

  • Monster keys are a .001 - .005% drop from monsters throughout the game world.
  • These keys will correspond to doors that are on the higher-level floors of the tower. To unlock the door you will need enough material essence of the right attribute mix that matches the monster that dropped the key.
  • Inside this room, there will be a challenge level with hordes of monsters associated with the key type. With a mini-boss at the end of the wave. If the player conquered the wave the mini-boss has a chance for a special drop.


  • Pets, like monster keys, will be an extremely rare drop from overworld monsters. The drop rate will be higher in the Tower Monster Room while defeating that room's boss. Pets will be cosmetic regarding general gameplay but will have attributes and skills. These pets will be able to compete in pet versus pets battles that can be wagered on.
  • Pet gear and skill augmentations will only be available from the best of crafters. Pets will be able to participate in 1v1, and 3v3 automated battles. These pets will have gear slots that can be crafted by the most specialized of producers.
  • For a producer to be able to craft gear for X type of monster, they will need experience in the field hunting or slaying that monster.
  • Some pets can be shown following behind their owners, but taking no action in combat. Pets can also be placed in the home as decor that will roam around the property.

Tower Room Special drops:

  • Pet Print 3D Print Pet armor crafting materials
  • The special drop rate: Pet 1 - 10% Attributes of the pet vary, with the best attributes having the lowest drop rate. 3D Print .005-.01% The size of the print varies, with the rares being the largest. Pet armor materials Different crafting materials for each gear slot can drop from every monster kill high-end rare parts .5%
  • Overworld Special drops: The Pets and Prints can drop in the wild, but at an extremely lowered rate, and will have a higher chance to roll on the lower attribute scale and print size.