2.2 World Building

Introducing Aeternea

In the enigmatic realm of Aeternea, where the boundaries of past, present, and future dissolve into a perpetual tapestry of infinite possibilities, a civilization thrives at the intersection of advanced technology and ancient mysticism. This world, suspended beyond the constraints of time, is home to the Timeless, a people who have mastered the Metagates, mysterious portals that link their world to an endless array of dimensions, each teeming with its own unique blend of science and sorcery.

Through the Metagates, the Timeless have gained access to an astonishing array of knowledge and capabilities, including life extension techniques, radical abundance, nanotechnology, 3D printing, mycelium-based internet and power transmission, neuron-based computation, quantum physics, and nano fermentation. In Aeternea, technology is virtually indistinguishable from magic.

Surrounding the Old World are the cities of Trinsic, Minax, Singularity Cauldron, and The Feed, each embodying a distinct aspect of the realm's many cultures. Trinsic, a city dedicated to the pursuit of life extension, is home to the Elixir Collegium, where scholars and mystics explore the boundaries of radical abundance and longevity through a blend of cutting-edge technology and ancient rituals.

Trinsic is a hub of innovation and progress, Trinsic is a city where the Timeless harness the power of nanotechnology, 3D printing, and advanced manufacturing techniques to shape the world around them.

Minax, a bastion of creativity and craftsmanship, is renowned for its mastery of nanotechnology and 3D printing. Here, artisans conjure wonders that defy imagination, using nano-fermentation to create materials and artifacts that blur the line between magic and science.

Singularity Cauldron, shrouded in secrecy, is the birthplace of neuron-based computation, a revolutionary form of artificial intelligence that merges human consciousness with advanced technology. The city's inhabitants explore the mysteries of quantum physics, harnessing its potential to reshape reality itself.

The Feed, a bustling hub of commerce and collaboration, thrives on the exchange of ideas and resources. Its citizens are constantly connected through the mycelium-based network, fueling a perpetual cycle of innovation that encompasses everything from nanotechnology to the arcane arts.

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