End Game Content

End-Game Content in Metagates: Monster Keys, Pets, and Special Drops

Metagates offers a variety of engaging end-game content, including the challenging Monster Key system, the rare and collectible Pets, and various special drops that provide players with unique and valuable rewards.

Monster Keys:

  • Monster keys are extremely rare drops (0.001% - 0.005%) from monsters throughout the game world.

  • These keys unlock doors on higher-level floors of the tower, requiring the right mix of material essence to match the key-dropping monster's attribute.

  • Inside the room, players face a challenging level with hordes of key-associated monsters and a mini-boss at the end of the wave.

  • Conquering the wave gives players a chance for a special drop from the mini-boss.


  • Pets are rare drops from overworld monsters, with an increased drop rate in the Tower Monster Room when defeating the room's boss.

  • While primarily cosmetic in general gameplay, pets have attributes and skills for pet vs. pet battles that can be wagered on.

  • Pet gear and skill augmentations are available only from top crafters.

  • Pets can participate in 1v1 and 3v3 automated battles and wear gear crafted by specialized producers, who gain crafting abilities by hunting or slaying specific monsters.

  • Pets can follow their owners or be placed in homes as roaming decor.

Tower Room Special Drops:

  • Pet Print: A 3D print of pet armor crafting materials, with a drop rate of 0.005% - 0.01%. The size of the print varies, with the largest prints being the rarest.

  • Pet: With a drop rate of 1 - 10%, pets have varying attributes, with the best attributes having the lowest drop rate.

  • Pet Armor Materials: Different crafting materials for each gear slot can drop from every monster kill, with high-end rare parts having a 0.5% drop rate.

Overworld Special Drops:

  • Pets and Prints can also drop in the wild, but at a significantly lower rate and with a higher chance to roll on the lower attribute scale and print size.

The end-game content in Metagates, featuring Monster Keys, Pets, and special drops, ensures that players remain engaged and challenged, while offering a variety of rewards and unique experiences that enrich the game world.

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