3.6 Leveling

An easy going system

Player Leveling System in Metagates: Gear Slot Progression and Fair Play

In Metagates, the player leveling system focuses on the progression of individual gear slots, such as weapon type, boots, legs, helm, and more. This unique approach encourages players to develop their character through meaningful experiences and strategic choices, while promoting fair play and discouraging botting.

Gear Slot Progression:

  • Players level up gear slots from 0 to 100 by defeating monsters in PvE encounters or winning PvP instances.

  • Each gear slot can be leveled independently, allowing players to customize their character's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Some categories, like weapons, have subtypes that can also be leveled up to 100 after reaching the initial cap, offering further specialization and depth to character progression.

  • Experience earned is distributed among the gear slots the player is currently wearing, rewarding players for actively using their chosen equipment in battle.

  • Players can level up as many items as they desire, with a maximum level cap of 100 for each gear slot.

Subscriber Benefits and Fair Play:

  • Subscribers receive a 10% bonus in XP progression for their skills, providing an added incentive for dedicated players.

  • Metagates is designed to minimize the benefits of botting, ensuring that skill progression provides only minor advantages without giving a significant edge to players who have maxed out every skill.

  • This approach encourages fair play and emphasizes the importance of strategy and skill over simply grinding levels.

Anti-Botting Measures:

  • To maintain a level playing field and an enjoyable experience for all players, botting is strictly prohibited in Metagates.

  • An automatic ban and review system is in place to enforce this policy, discouraging the use of bots and ensuring that players engage with the game as intended.

The player leveling system in Metagates offers an engaging and balanced approach to character progression. By focusing on gear slot leveling and promoting fair play, Metagates ensures that players can enjoy the game without being overshadowed by those who rely on botting or grinding to gain an unfair advantage.

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