2. Game World and Story

Designing a great open-world combat system for Metagates is a challenging task, our team is focused on:

  1. Storytelling: Stories need to be completely custom and immersive. Players need to feel like they are shaping the history of the game.

  2. Balance: A key aspect of any combat system is ensuring that it is balanced and fair for players. This means finding a good balance between different playstyles and character classes, and ensuring that no one strategy or build is overwhelmingly powerful.

  3. Variety: Players should have a wide range of abilities and options at their disposal in combat. This can include different types of weapons, spells, and abilities that allow for different playstyles and strategies. Our goal is to integrate many weapons but we have started with a small portion of weapons and armor to create a proper balance system.

  4. Intuitiveness: The combat system should be easy for players to understand and use. This means using clear and intuitive controls and presenting information in a way that is easy for players to understand. If you have any suggestions, please contact us with constructive criticism!

  5. Strategy: Combat should require players to think and make decisions rather than just mindlessly attacking. This might involve positioning, targeting specific enemy weaknesses, and using abilities in combination with each other both solo and as a group.

  6. Customization: Players should have some degree of customization available to them, such as the ability to choose their skills and abilities, or equip different types of gear. This allows players to tailor their character to their preferred playstyle.

  7. Rewards: Players should feel rewarded for engaging in combat, whether through loot, experience points, or other in-game rewards. This encourages players to continue participating in combat and helps keep the game feeling fresh and rewarding.

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