The Metagate, an imposing and powerful structure at the heart of the Old World, serves as the central point of end-game content and the driving force behind content expansion in Metagates. The Metagate's function is deeply tied to the lore of the game, as it pulls worlds from across the cosmos, consuming them and their inhabitants, while allowing survivors to reshape and expand the universe by sacrificing elements and memories of their lost worlds.

The Metagate presents players with choices that have real-world impacts on the game environment. By allowing players to influence the world through their playstyle and decisions, Metagates creates a dynamic and ever-changing landscape that evolves based on player interactions. This creates a truly immersive experience, as players are given the power to shape the game world around them.

One of the most significant aspects of the Metagate is its ability to maintain the value of even the lowest level materials and gear. As players sacrifice items to the Metagate, they contribute to the overall progress of the sacrifice meter. Even low-quality sacrifices, when made in large quantities, can move the attribute gauge, ensuring that all materials and gear maintain their usefulness and value throughout the game.

The Metagate's end-game content offers exciting and challenging experiences for players to explore, as they fight to uncover the mysteries of the gate and unlock new realms. Through the Metagate, players are given the opportunity to delve into the unknown, facing powerful monsters and daunting challenges that test their skills and strategy.

As players engage with the Metagate, they will witness the profound consequences of their actions, as their choices shape the game's universe and determine the path of content expansion. The Metagate is not only a symbol of the ever-growing world of Metagates but also a testament to the power of player agency and the limitless possibilities that await within the game.

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