3.3 Gathering

Resource Gathering System in Metagates: A Rich and Engaging Experience

In Metagates, the resource gathering system is designed to provide players with a diverse range of activities and to ensure that all gathered items have a purpose within the game's economy. As a free-to-play game, Metagates allows players to craft entry-level gear through their efforts and time spent in the world.

Gathering Activities: Players can participate in various resource gathering activities, such as:

  • Fishing: Players can catch fish and other aquatic creatures in the game's rivers, lakes, and oceans.

  • Mining: Players can extract valuable minerals, ores, and gems from rocks and veins scattered throughout the game world.

  • Lumberjacking: Players can fell trees to collect wood, which can be used for crafting, building, and fueling fires.

  • Skinning: Players can skin slain animals for hides, pelts, and other materials that can be used in crafting gear and other items.

  • Gathering: Players can collect various herbs, plants, and other resources from the environment to use in crafting, alchemy, and cooking.

Metagate Interaction: The Metagates' influence in the game world ensures that even low-level items have a purpose and value. As players progress through the game and their skills improve, they can utilize the Metagate to enhance the potential of gathered items, increasing their worth and utility in crafting and other in-game activities.

Accessible Crafting: Metagates is designed to be accessible for all players, including those who choose not to spend money on the game. By participating in resource gathering activities and investing time and effort, players can create entry-level gear that allows them to enjoy the game's content and engage in the Metagates world.

The resource gathering system in Metagates not only offers a wide range of engaging activities for players to participate in but also ensures that all gathered materials have value within the game's economy. This design encourages exploration, discovery, and player investment in the immersive world of Metagates.

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