Housing Features

Housing in Metagates: Strategic Sanctuaries and Social Hubs

In the dynamic and expansive world of Metagates, player housing plays a crucial role in farming efficiency, safety, and overall gaming experience. With the ever-present danger of powerful creatures and rival players lurking around every corner, establishing a base of operations is essential for adventurers to thrive.

Towers and Castles: Economic Safety Hubs

Towers and castles serve as economic safety hubs, providing much-needed refuge and resources for adventurers. Typically located near popular farming and adventuring locations, these larger structures offer numerous benefits, including limited access to the NPC city auction house and restricted fast travel for a fee. The presence of towers and castles in a region fosters a sense of community, encouraging cooperation and trade between players.

Cabins: Remote Outposts

For those seeking solitude or the thrill of venturing deeper into the wild, cabins provide a more secluded option. These smaller structures enable small groups or solo players to temporarily store their loot, regroup after a defeat, and strategize for their next foray into the unknown. While more isolated, cabins still offer some of the comforts and conveniences found in larger structures.

Housing Placement and Impact

The choice of housing location significantly influences a player's experience and the potential value of their property for resale. Strategically placed houses, even smaller ones, can greatly impact the playstyle and dynamics within a region. Smaller houses occupying prime locations may block the placement of larger units, leading to negotiations or in-game political maneuvers to secure the desired spot.

Taxation and Property Ownership

To maintain an active and engaging world, Metagates employs a tax system on placed houses, ensuring no ghost homes clutter the landscape. Players own the deed to their houses but not the land, fostering a competitive and dynamic real estate environment. This system encourages players to strategically choose and maintain their housing investments for optimal gameplay experience.

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