Design Goals

Prototype of Metagates 2021
Beta Testing Metagates 2022
Early Access Metagates 2023
  • Building a successful MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) requires a combination of strong gameplay, an engaging story, and a supportive community. Here is how we are designing Metagates:
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      Gameplay: At its core, Metagates needs engaging and enjoyable gameplay that keeps players coming back for more. This can include a variety of activities such as exploration, combat, crafting, and character progression.
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      Story: A compelling story can help immerse players in the game world and give them a reason to keep playing. Metagates is developing a rich and detailed setting with interesting characters and plot points.
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      Community: Building a solid community of players is essential for an MMORPG. Players should be able to easily connect with each other in-game and through social media and forums. Consider hosting events and providing support for player-run communities.
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      Monetization: Metagates will rely on some form of monetization to generate revenue. This can include subscription fees, a land sale, or in-game art and collectibles. Finding a balance between monetization and providing a positive player experience is important.
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      Server infrastructure: Metagates requires a robust server infrastructure to support a large number of concurrent players. This includes fast servers, reliable networking, and effective load balancing. We have been focused on this core aspect for most of our game's design and MVP process.
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      Continuous development: To keep players engaged and attract new players, Metagates will regularly release new content and features for the game. This can include new quests, items, and gameplay mechanics on a monthly basis.
Gen 1 of the Metagates world map