Instanced dungeons

PvP and PvE queue system

In Metagates, instanced dungeons serve as an alternative to the open-world non-instanced dungeons, offering a controlled environment for players to explore and progress. These dungeons, accessible from town, cater to low to mid-level players and are designed to provide a safe space for non-combatants to begin crafting and leveling weapon skills.

The instanced dungeons in Metagates are not entirely private, meaning that while players can avoid the unpredictability of non-instanced dungeons, they may still encounter limited competition within the instance. For example, a group of 10 players might queue up together for the next available dungeon, entering simultaneously and competing for loot and resources within the instance. This semi-competitive environment encourages players to work efficiently and strategically to secure their share of the rewards.

The instanced dungeons offer lesser rewards compared to non-instanced dungeons, making them a less lucrative option for more experienced players. However, they provide an excellent starting point for newcomers to the game, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the mechanics, lore, and challenges of Metagates without the threat of PvP encounters.

As players progress through the instanced dungeons, they will encounter challenges and monsters that draw upon the rich lore of Metagates, including elements of nanotechnology, biofermentation, and quantum physics. These dungeons serve as an introduction to the game's expansive universe, offering players a taste of the adventure and mystery that awaits them in the more dangerous non-instanced dungeons and the open world.

Overall, the instanced dungeons in Metagates provide a controlled and relatively safe environment for new players to gain experience, develop their skills, and begin their journey in the captivating and diverse universe of Metagates.

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