Stealing System in Metagates: Thievery in a PvE World

In the MMORPG Metagates, the stealing system focuses on PvE interactions, allowing players to engage in thievery without directly affecting other players. Players can steal from monsters and NPC shops, adding an element of risk and excitement to their in-game experience.

Progression and Specialization:

  • Players start with a stealing skill level of 0 and can progress to a maximum of 100.

  • As players advance in stealing skill, they become more adept at successfully pilfering items from monsters and shops, reducing the chances of being caught and unlocking new targets.

  • Higher skill levels may also grant access to unique abilities or specializations, such as improved stealth, better evasion, or more valuable loot opportunities.

Stealing from Monsters:

  • Players can attempt to steal items, resources, or currency from monsters they encounter in the game world.

  • The success of stealing attempts depends on the player's stealing skill, the target monster's level, and any applicable buffs or gear.

  • Successfully stealing from a monster may yield valuable loot, such as crafting materials, equipment, or rare items that are not obtainable through regular combat.

Stealing from NPC Shops:

  • Players can also attempt to steal items from NPC shops, adding an element of risk to their in-game commerce interactions.

  • The success of shoplifting attempts depends on the player's stealing skill, the target shop's security level, and any applicable buffs or gear.

  • Stealing from shops may result in obtaining valuable or rare items that are otherwise difficult to acquire through normal means.

Consequences and Challenges:

  • Failing a stealing attempt, whether from a monster or a shop, may result in consequences, such as attracting the attention of guards or triggering combat with the targeted monster.

  • Some areas or shops may have increased security measures or higher level guards, making thievery more challenging and risky.

  • Players with a reputation for stealing may face consequences in their interactions with NPCs, such as increased prices, restricted access to certain services, or even bounties placed on their heads.

The PvE stealing system in Metagates offers players an alternative gameplay style, focusing on stealth and cunning to acquire valuable resources and items. By mastering the art of thievery, players can unlock new opportunities and challenges, while avoiding direct conflict with their fellow adventurers.

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