3.5 Taming

In Metagates, taming is a key aspect of gameplay that allows players to interact with and control various creatures found in the game world. Drawing inspiration from Ultima Online, Metagates' taming system is both robust and engaging, providing a unique experience for players interested in forming bonds with the diverse array of creatures inhabiting the game world.

To tame a creature, players will need to have a specific taming skill and utilize a taming tool, such as a flute or rope, depending on the type of creature they are attempting to tame. The taming process itself involves approaching the target creature and initiating the taming action. The success of taming depends on the player's skill level, the creature's difficulty, and a certain amount of luck.

Once a creature is tamed, it becomes loyal to its new master and can be given various commands. These commands may include following the player, staying in place, or even attacking specific targets. Tamed creatures can also be used as mounts, providing faster travel options for players, or as combat companions, aiding in battles against enemies.

Like Ultima Online, Metagates' taming system allows players to train their tamed creatures, improving their stats and abilities over time. This training process involves taking the tamed creature into combat, where it gains experience points that can be used to increase its attributes and unlock new abilities. Players can also customize their tamed creatures with unique gear and cosmetic items, making them stand out from other creatures in the game world.

Taming in Metagates offers players a deep and rewarding experience, allowing them to form lasting bonds with the creatures they encounter in the game world. By providing a range of taming options and a diverse selection of creatures to tame, Metagates' taming system offers players an engaging and immersive gameplay element reminiscent of the classic Ultima Online experience.

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