Metagates Compendium
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3.2 Gear System

We are using a classless, modular system. The usable abilities are bound to the items equipped. Weapons grant an auto-attack and 3 abilities each. Armor pieces grant 1 ability each.

Interchangeable Weapon and Armor Items

The following items are modular/ interchangeable and grant the player active abilities when equipped:

Current Weapon Items

  • Hammer
  • Sword
  • Bow
  • Frost-Staff
  • Holy Staff

Armor Items

  • Heavy (Head / Chest /Feet)
  • Medium (Head / Chest / Feet)
  • Light (Head / Chest / Feet)


  • Trinket (adds a passive bonus to a specific aspect of the game)
To ensure the character is completely "dressed" when wearing Head, Chest, and Feet items, the Chest item’s appearances cover the Shoulders, Arms, and Gloves and the Feet item’s appearance covers the Legs.
Jewelry in Metagates