1.1 Nostalgic Entertainment

A mixture of old and new.

Introducing Metagates: An Extraordinary MMORPG Experience Inspired by Neal Stephenson's concept of a "Metaverse", Metagates combines the most effective tactics available in gaming (Meta) with instance-based portals (Gates) to create an immersive, engaging world that offers a unique MMORPG experience.

Metagates: A Unique, Fantasy-Driven World. Set in an alternate timeline, the Metagates world is home to supernatural entities and magical powers, granted to those who venture within the gates. Immerse yourself in a realm where mythological creatures, folklore, and fairy tales come to life.

Our Vision: A Groundbreaking MMO Experience: Metagates aims to redefine the MMO landscape with captivating storytelling that blends science fiction, fantasy, history, and folktales. Enjoy high-quality PvE and PvP balancing and matchmaking, an intricate player crafted in-game economy, several mobile accessible games or explore the open world.

A Multifaceted Game World: Create your dream home with player housing and decorating features. Dive into a complex taming, breeding, and genetics system. Turn your passion for gaming into rare, collectible art that can be acquired both in-game and in the real world.

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