Wild Zones/Safe Zones

In Metagates, the game world is divided into distinct regions: Safe Zones and Wild Zones. These zones cater to different player preferences and offer varying levels of risk and reward.

Safe Zones: These areas are designed for players who prefer a more peaceful and cooperative gameplay experience. In Safe Zones, PvP is limited to consensual duels, allowing players to engage in friendly competition without the threat of unwanted aggression. Players can explore, craft, and participate in PvE activities in a relatively secure environment.

Wild Zones: For those seeking a more challenging and high-stakes experience, Wild Zones offer open conflict and intense PvP action. These zones, typically located in more difficult regions, are teeming with the most rewarding content. However, to reap the benefits, players must face the risks that come with open conflict.

In Wild Zones, players must be well-equipped with high-quality gear to conquer the challenging environment and powerful monsters. Undergeared PvP players may suffer increased damage from these formidable foes, creating a delicate balance between risk and reward for all player types.

Ultimately, Metagates offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences by providing both Safe Zones and Wild Zones, allowing players to choose the level of challenge and risk they are willing to face.

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