Guild Warfare

ZvZ Mechanics

Guild Warfare and Zerg vs Zerg Mechanics in Metagates: Large-Scale Conflict and Epic Battles

Inspired by the massive multiplayer battles in games like Eve Online and Albion Online, Metagates aims to deliver thrilling Zerg vs Zerg combat experiences, where large groups of players engage in epic, large-scale conflicts.

Zerg vs Zerg Combat: In Metagates, Zerg vs Zerg combat refers to massive battles involving groups of 20 or more players on each side, vying for control of valuable open-world content. These large-scale encounters can grow to include 400-500 players or more in a single instance, creating an intense and unforgettable gameplay experience.

Future Implementation: As our concurrent player base grows and the demands for larger-scale conflicts increase, we plan to introduce content specifically designed to facilitate Zerg vs Zerg combat. Our priority is to ensure that our servers and combat system are optimized and stable enough to handle the demands of these massive battles, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Guild Warfare: In Metagates, guilds will play a central role in large-scale conflicts, as they vie for dominance over territories, resources, and strategic locations. These epic battles will encourage coordination, teamwork, and strategic planning among guild members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

By incorporating Zerg vs Zerg mechanics and guild warfare, Metagates aims to create an immersive and dynamic world where players can participate in grand battles, forge alliances, and experience the thrill of large-scale conflict.

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