Official Metagates Compendium, last edited October 2022
Welcome to our compendium on our upcoming MMORPG, Metagates. This documentation is full of information about the experience we are gamifying.
Metagates is an open-world MMORPG with social hub cities, you can cue into PvP and PvE dungeons or choose to explore our dynamic game where you can gather, craft, and trade equipment and materials. Our deeply immersive world is rich in lore, storytelling, and is grounded in science. Build a party and queue up with friends or venture out into the wild to lay claim to the lands.
Our core team is composed of gamers. Our skill sets vary. We are a combination of developers, scientists, designers, and artists. We have diverse backgrounds but we all share a unified passion for playing this type of game. We recruit talent heavily from our gaming community, if you have a skillset that aligns with our direction, please send resumes to [email protected]
all of the above works by: Diletta de Santis​
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