From: Teleportation Lore​
  • Metagates are portals that appear in a once-ordinary world. Since the portals first started to appear, supernatural entities started to appear with them, and the people of the world started to change - could they be possessed? Those who train inside the Metagates have chosen to wield the Metagates' power and have been gifted magical powers.
  • Some of these portals take travelers inside fight arenas, where they are forced to fight to the death amongst other individuals who took a similar path. Other portals take travelers to distant locations where they can fight their way to obtain valuable resources. Some of the most knowledgeable have stated that the power of the Metagates can be harnessed and used in the most powerful of ways. Will this power be harnessed for good, or for evil?
  • Some say that these portals have come about through conflict between different dimensional planes, while others say that they have come about through pure evolution. The exact answer is still unknown. Only one thing is known as fact - the world is changing rapidly, and it looks like they are here to stay.
  • The main antagonist in the world of Metagates is the appearance of the gates themselves. So much about them is currently unknown, and it appears as if it is vital to understand the capacity of their powers. Monsters have been emerging from the gates, but slaying them deems currency and resources, while simultaneously unlocking the next facets of the world. -
  • The main protagonists are the players. We are all true pioneers in the Metaverse. The entire game will be crafted around building this connection with the player and immersing them in the story of Metagates.