3D Printing Integration

Founded by Old World Labs

We started off as a 3D printing company.

This game is a result of an array of science experiment.
At Old World Labs:
  • We have worked on terraforming research and development.
  • We have developed prototypes for artificial organs.
  • We are actively engaged in semiconductor research.
  • Our team specializes in integrating advanced technology into consumer products using cutting edge science.

The Owlchemist

The Owlchemist is an interactive NPC in our game that bridges the gap between the Metaverse and our reality. Not only is he a character in our game, but he is also a mysterious being in our Discord community. If you desire a 3D print, you must consult with The Owlchemist.

3D Printed Assets

All Metagates assets are designed to be 3D printed on industrial manufacturing systems for mass production. We actively seek out unique art projects and integrate them into our Metaverse with the intention of 3D printing the models.
Visit our website to submit a file for a quote