Nostalgic entertainment

A mixture of old and new.

This is not a typical game.

We have chosen to create a digital world inspired and decorated with philosophy, political science, history, folklore, world religion, science fiction, art, economics and design.
The inception of the Metagates world has been crafted after the philosophical theories behind "The State of Nature" and what human nature amalgamates into over time. If players can spawn into a world where choice is allowed, how does political obligation emerge and how does it evolve?

Why did we name the game Metagates?

This game was named before Facebook was renamed, Meta. Influenced heavily by the writings of Neal Stephenson's idea of a "Metaverse".
  • Meta means the most effective tactics available in gaming.
  • A gate is a portal that enters this game world that represents an instance.
  • Metagates are instances designed for fun, engaging gameplay and content.

What is the Metagates world?

The Metagates world is an ordinary world with a twist – it takes place in an alternate fantasy timeline. In this fantasy world, supernatural entities beyond the Metagate have gifted magical powers to those who train inside the gates and choose to wield the Metagates' power.
Mythological creatures, folklore, and fairy tales inhabit this world.


Create a new MMO experience

  • Fascinating storytelling, blending science fiction, fantasy, history, and folktales
  • High-quality PvE and PvP balancing and matchmaking
  • An extremely intricate in-game economy and ecosystem
  • Player housing, decorating
  • Taming, breeding, and genetics system
  • Players and community members turn their passion for gaming into rare, collectible art that can be obtained both in-game and in the real world
  • Real-world events and quests
  • Short-term plan for Mobile integration
  • Long-term plans for AR integration