Design Goals

Prototype of Metagates 2021
  • Metagates main goal is to make a fun, enjoyable game that lives for decades to come. Our team was sick of waiting for the next big MMORPG and decided the only way to get what we wanted was to build it ourselves. This is a community-created game, we will never forget our roots.
  • Player-driven economy, with a PvP edge: Everything is harvested from the world of Metagates. Be prepared to defend your areas as you harvest natural resources from your surrounding areas. All craftable items come from the open world.
  • Social cooperation recommended: Players may choose to work together in order to maximize progression. Although solo gameplay options will be offered, greater rewards may be earned when playing as a team. Interacting with other players in the marketplace may be beneficial to players in achieving optimal customization of their character.
  • Training options available: Practice modes, PvE, PvP-light, and training dummies will be available.
  • We are prototyping a vast array of scientific and fine art to establish the first digital cabinet of curiosities in a digital world. See: Mundi Wunderkammer​
Gen 1 of the Metagates world map