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Ophir Utility Token Whitepaper

Written by Rob M. for for use inside and surrounding ecosystems.

Ophir Utility Token
Ophir Utility Token is the Utility Token for the in-game transactions and reward for completing challenges in the game. This completion of challenges is the “mining” from the Proof of Conquest distribution which is “dripped” daily from the Ophir distribution pool contract. Challenges range from quests, player versus environment, player versus player, and trading items in a gainful way against in-game market conditions. Ophir has a limited supply and is thus greatly affected by scarcity. Ophir's utility is also expanded as it is an accepted form of redemption in for 3D printing discounts, the ability to purchase NFTs on Metagates marketplace, and will have expanded utility on developing IPs that fall under Metagates controlling DAO "Engines of Creation DAO".
Ophir has no real, inferred, or advertised real-world monetary value outside this ecosystem. The illusion of value for Ophir comes from its pairing with a blockchain's native token in a dex to allow the free movement of Ophir through the blockchain; any value change against that native blockchain’s token is due to demand and not a representation of value.
Ophir Distribution
Ophir will have a total supply of 100,000,000 to be fully created at the start of the project.
Ophir will NOT be added to an LP until the 5% available in the Marketplace has fully dispersed.
Gold will be allocated to for its In-Game Gold drops for the game's lifespan.
Gold will be for the founding team and vested over two years.
Gold will be sold during an early adopter raise and have a vesting period of two years. Unsold tokens will be added to the In-Game Gold drop contract.
Gold will be sold to the community over a six-month period through in the in-game gold marketplace.
Gold will be used to market and incentivize out-of-brand games to buy into Ophir for their game economy. Or any activity decided fit by the team.
Is allocated for liquidity markets
Starting distribution visualized

Circulating supply versus fully diluted supply expanded:

Market Cap is calculated by taking the actual Ophir circulating live in-game and on the blockchain inside a liquidity pair on a decentralized exchange and measuring its value based on its ratio to the paired native blockchain asset inside the liquidity pair. With Ophir's circular nature in the way its dripped token feeds back into the In-Game Gold supply wallet, and its low rate of emissions, fully diluted supply is not an accurate means to estimate the market cap.