Early Reward Packages

Our OG "Kickstarter" Collections
Our first mint was a small batch of 35 shards minted on Polygon. They can be found on OpenSea.
Early Rewards Packages in Metagates: Exclusive NFT Collection "The Business"
To fund the MVP development of Metagates, we introduced an exclusive NFT collection called "The Business" as part of our kickstarter campaign. This collection offers a range of unique and valuable rewards for early supporters of the game.
First Mint: Our initial mint consisted of 35 shards on the Polygon network, which can be found on OpenSea.
Second Mint: We followed up with a limited batch of 2,222 "The Business" NFTs minted on Solana for 0.22 SOL each. These NFTs can be found on Magic Eden.
Transmutation: "The Business" NFTs can be transmuted into Shards, offering various levels of rarity:
  • 30 "The Business" NFTs combine into 1 Legendary Shard.
  • 10 "The Business" NFTs combine into 1 Epic Shard.
  • 2 "The Business" NFTs combine into 1 Rare Shard.
Genesis Houses: The Slime, Albino, and Solana skins represent our genesis houses, with approximately 400 available. These exclusive skins offer early supporters a unique in-game home aesthetic.
Additional Rewards: "The Business" collection also provides players with trinkets that can influence end-game skills, a free player profile picture (PFP), and a weapon skin.
Upcoming Mints: Metagates is planning a PFP mint on Arbitrum Nova, as well as a public sale of around 6,800 houses on the Ethereum network. These houses will be available to guilds, newcomers, and long-term followers of our project.
By supporting Metagates through the early rewards packages of "The Business" NFT collection, players gain access to exclusive in-game items and experiences, helping to shape the world of Metagates from its inception.