Balancing Items and Abilities

We ensure a balance between simplicity and needed core complexity to map out a basic combat system.

Item Stats

Weapon Stats

  • Base-Damage (decimal value)
  • Auto-Attack Speed (decimal value, into attacks-per-second)
Armor Stats
  • Health (decimal value, adds to total health pool)
  • Mana (decimal value, adds to total mana pool)
  • Defense (decimal value, translates into % damage mitigation)
  • Tenacity (decimal value, translates into % cc duration mitigation)
The weapon and armor stat values can scale with different item tiers, making it easy to add a simple progression.


Ability values

  • Base-Damage (decimal value)
  • Mana Cost (decimal value, cost of the action)
  • Modifier (decimal value, scaling factor of weapon and ability damage)
  • Cast Time (decimal value, seconds to complete the action)
  • Cooldown (decimal value, seconds until action is reusable)